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Irrigation information

Go to this site to figure out how much water your irrigation system is putting out. Copy this link and put in your browser window.

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The Treevine August newsletter

Aug. 10 newsletter

Posted by: treevineag | August 10, 2010

August 10, 2010

Almond: Hull split in most orchards is nearing 100%. Harvest will start in some orchards in 10 to 14 days.

Walnut: Husk Fly and Codling Moth continue to be a problem in some orchards.

Water Use: Livingston north 1.9″ with cover crop and 1.5″ with no cover. South is 2″ and 1.6″.

Gary Gliddon

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August 5, 2010

Almond: Hull split is moving along in the Nonpareil and Sonora. Some has started on Buttes in some locations. Harvest has started in the south but is 2 to 4 weeks away here.

Walnut: Next CM timing is coming up. Husk Fly continues to fly.

Peach: Harvest continues but is very late. There were still some Loadel being picked at the beginning of the week.

Water use for the north 2″ with a cover crop, and 1.6″ with no cover crop. South is 2.2″ and 1.7″

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July 27, 2010

Almond: Hull Split is over 50% in many orchards. Not much worm activity but i have found NOW and PTB in nuts in a few orchards.

Walnut: Husk fly is flying and sprays for it should be applied. CM 3rd flight is underway.

Peach: Harvest has started. Next worm sprays are in August.

Water use: Has been going down with cooler temperatures. The past 7 days for the North with cover crop is 2 inches, no cover 1.6 inches; for the south cover crop is 2.2 inches, no cover 1.8 inches.

Gary Gliddon

Posted by: treevineag | July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010

Almonds: Nonpareil Hull split is well under way in all orchards. Orchards range from 1% to 25% split nuts. In orchards with a lot of split and no spray I have found PTB going into nuts.

Walnuts: Although Husk Fly has started flying the numbers so far are low. Some sprays have gone on for them already. Codling Moth numbers have jumped in some orchards.

Peaches: PTB has done some damage in the Loadels that are being harvested now.

Water use: North (Livingston to Ripon) 2.2″ with cover crop, 1.8″ no cover. South (Livingston to Chowchilla) 2.4″ with cover crop, 1.9″ with no cover.

Gary Gliddon

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July 13, 2010

Almonds: Hull split has started. I can find good nuts splitting in most orchards. Hull split sprays should be applied soon.

Peaches: Loadel harvest will start this week. The fruit I look at looks clean, worm pressure continues to be very light.

Walnuts: Codling Moth 2nd flight sprays are done but in some orchards moths are still flying. I think this is the last of the males looking for unmated females. Husk fly has started flying in some orchards.

Water use: Went down slightly. North of Livingston orchards with cover crop used 2.1″ and with no cover crop 1.65″. South to Chowchilla 2.3″ with cover crop and 1.8″ with no cover crop.

Gary Gliddon

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July 8, 2010

Water use for the past week is 2.3″ with a cover crop and 1.8″ with no cover crop. The south Livingston to Chowchilla is almost a.1″ more.

Almond: Blank nuts are splitting everywhere. Won’t be long before the good nuts start.

Peach: PTB and OFM timing are coming up. In the warmer areas right now and in cooler areas next week.

Walnut: Now is the time for CM sprays. I also have started catching Husk Fly.

Gary Gliddon

Posted by: treevineag | July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Water use for north and south is the same for both over the past 7 days and has gone up. With a cover crop it is 2.4″, and without it is 1.8″.

For walnuts you will want to use these figures and add maybe another tenth.

For Almonds it is time to start a little stress in the trees. No hull split yet but the stress for preventing hull rot should be started a week or so before hull split. If July 15th looks like the start of hull split then for the week previous you should cut back irrigation about 10% of E.T. or for cover crop 2.2″ and no cover 1.6″ roughly. Once hull split starts you should cut back another 5 to 10%. But watch the trees, you don’t want a lot of yellow leaves or stick tights on the pollinators. If hull rot is not a problem then irrigate at full E.T.

Gary Gliddon

Posted by: treevineag | June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

Almond: Scab is starting to show up in a few orchards but most so far are clean. Rust is present but at low levels. No sign of hull split yet. But it is getting near time to start reducing irrigation amount by about 20% for hull rot control.

Walnut: CM sprays are coming up.

Peach: 3 weeks to Loadel harvest? Maybe? Lots of green out there still.

Water: all areas with cover crop 2.1″ and with no cover 1.6″.

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